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Easy Mod Creator - Release of V.4 GUI.

In this update, I've added a lot of new features.. Such as the following.

  • Splash Screen
  • Better GUI Layout + New Background
  • Donate + Website links
  • Progress bar (added so the computer won't mess up the code. It had a tendency of creating code too 'fast', thus messing format up. This slows it down by a few seconds).
  • Added new GUI for Code_Viewer.
  • Added Menubar to Code_Viewer.
  • Made Code_Viewer mandatory to view. You can't view your code without Code_Viewer.
  • Added Export/Import function.
  • Added Save file button. Saves it as a .txt. Export is for saving as a .java.
  • Added 2 clear buttons to clear the existing code.
  • Added download button that allows you to download the following:
    ModLoader, MCP, EasyMC Original.
  • Advanced mode is now in the menubar under Edit.

That pretty much sums it up. I made the GUI more user-friendly. I hope you enjoy! :)

Download: EasyMC GUI V.4

Current Bugs for GUI V.4: 0

Easy Mod Creator - V.3 GUI BUG!

I made a care-free mistake in the GUI version. It seems as though the default strength code will break if you use the option DIAMOND. No worries, V.4 Will be released soon, thus fixing this problem..

Thanks for your understanding.. :)


Easy Mod Creator - V.3 RELEASE! Added Optional GUI Download!

For the release of V.3. I've released a new, easy to understand, GUI (Graphical User Interface). It was coded in VB, however, I plan on recoding it in C# as soon as I find the time. You have the option to download V.3 GUI, or the original. V.3 Original.

Download V.3 GUI:

EasyMC GUI V.3

Download V.3 Original:

EasyMC V.3

Easy Mod Creator - NEW LOGO! :)

I recently got a new logo. You can view it here.

Easy Mod Creator - Release of first video.

I've recently recorded a How-to video. You can view it by clicking this link. If anyone is interested in publishing a video, they can do so. Just record the video, send me a link via Contact page on website, or by sending a PM via youtube.



Easy Mod Creator - Release Of Website

Welcome to the new launch of EasyMC. The best mod making program out there! Have a look around the site :)